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Youth Scholarship

It’s impossible to make positive changes without the right tools, and that’s exactly what Hyde did for Chris – Hyde provided the right tools and pathway to create an entirely new way of being in the world at the peak of his formative years.

– Do you know someone who could benefit from an excellent college preparatory education?
– Do you know someone who could flourish with some guidance and structure?
– Do you know someone who’s potential as an artist is just waiting to be nourished?

As featured on 60 Minutes, 20/20 and in The New York Times, the Hyde Schools have over 45 years experience preparing students for college and life beyond.

If so, Chris has a sincere recommendation from a revolutionary family of schools that would sincerely appreciate your support: Hyde Schools, private boarding high schools with campuses in Bath, Maine and Woodstock, Connecticut that help parents empower their kids develop the character they need to fulfill their unique potential. Apart from Hyde’s unique family program, Hyde offers students in grades 9–12 a strong academic curriculum including many AP and Honors courses, a wide range of sports, a performing arts program, plus many enrichment programs, including Academic Support and the Hyde Leadership Society.

Highlights include a Songwriter Workshop with award-winning musician Michael McDonald, student mentoring programs in Hyde’s New York charter schools, internship and volunteer experiences that help students apply learning to real life, and an exciting Summer Program. Over 98% of Hyde graduates are accepted to four-year colleges.

Please enjoy the video and letter below by Chris’ former headmaster and President of Hyde Schools, Malcolm Gauld, and thank you for your generous tax-deductible donation to help families in need attain a life-changing experience for their sons and daughters on behalf of the Chris Chickering Scholarship Fund.

Letter from Malcolm Gauld:
“Every individual is gifted with a unique potential that defines a destiny.”
– Joseph Gauld
Founder, The Hyde Schools

Thanks Chris, and thank you for your interest in the Hyde Schools.
I was Headmaster at Hyde when Chris enrolled as a junior. My earliest memory of him is as a young man who began with a singular commitment to basketball. From that starting point, Chris went on to spend two years with us, during which time he branched out to earnestly explore his potentials in the classroom, on the athletic field, in community service, and in the performing arts. (Speaking of the latter, another lasting memory is of Chris’ singing audition – a time-honored Hyde challenge tackled by all Hyde students and teachers – in which he delivered a rousing rendition of the Rolling Stones’ classic ballad “Angie.”) Chris’ story is typical of the thousands of young men and women who have both preceded and followed him.

Since my father founded Hyde in 1966, we have evolved to offer a one-of-a-kind program that enriches our students in three critical ways:

1. Character is not an “add-on” at Hyde. It permeates everything we do.
2. Family: School is for kids; Hyde is for families. Parents begin Hyde with an enrolled child and leave with a stronger family than they ever could have imagined.
3. College: Over 98% of Hyde’s graduates attend four-year colleges.

Today we offer our “Character/Unique Potential Concept” each year to over 2000 students in grades K-12 in both private and public schools.

As a Hyde graduate and a member of the faculty for over 30 years, I have had the pleasure of watching so many of our former students graduate, go out into the world, and make their marks in a wide variety of professions and communities. As gratifying as it is to observe their successes, nothing warms my heart more than when a former student chooses to “pay it forward.” And that’s what Chris has chosen to do in his work.

Through a special partnership with Chris, we have set up a fund to assist families in need with the intent of opening up opportunities for their children to attend one of the Hyde Schools. If you would like additional information on how you can help, or if you know someone who might benefit from attending Hyde, click on one of the links below.

Thanks so much for your interest.

Malcolm Gauld
President, The Hyde Schools

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— To learn more about how you can help, email hyde@chrischickeringmusic.com