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House Concerts

house concertsHosting a House Concert with Chris Chickering is a unique experience your guests will remember for years. House Concerts are either free to host and paid for by guests’ donations OR can be arranged for a preset fee with guests attending for free.

Guests typically arrive an hour before the House Concert to socialize, which often includes drinks and appetizers. Then five minutes before the House Concert is set to begin,  guests are directed to take a seat and quietly enjoy the concert, which lasts an hour or more. Whereas this format has worked countless times, working together, we’ll create a live entertainment experience that best fits your needs.

To get the ball rolling on your house concert please call 505-670-0712 or email: Hello@ChrisChickering.com

You can learn more about hosting a successful House Concert “by donation model” by scrolling down the page…

“This past weekend we had a house concert for friends and family with singer/songwriter Chris Chickering. It was a delightful evening beginning with a wine & cheese social hour followed by the concert which was performed on our covered porch.

The guests raved about the quality of the concert calling it “enchanting”, “fun”, “inspirational” & “awesome”…”Chris’ original lyrics are so heartfelt.”

It was remarkable to experience such wonderful talent right in our own living room! Chris is not only professional but also sweet, kind & fun so the entire evening felt like a lovely group of old friends enjoying each other’s company & gifts.”
– Drue A.

“We were so fortunate to have Chris perform a concert at our home.  He creates an atmosphere that sets the stage for his emotional and timely lyrics that fill your  spirit with love and positivity.  What an uplifting experience!  So much so we invited him back again!”
Doug L.

“I had the great pleasure of having Chris play a house concert recently. His band (a second guitarist and a percussionist) sounded like half a dozen musicians. The harmonies were fantastic, the voices strong and clear. It was the perfect addition to a festive night filled with dancing.”
– Sara M.

“Everyone was thrrilled to have Chris perform a house concert at our home.  He creates an atmosphere that sets the stage for his emotional and timely lyrics that fill your  spirit with love and positivity.  What an uplifting experience!  So much so we invited him back again!”
– Linda M.

A Closer Look at House Concerts…

House Concerts are invitation-only, donation-only events – held in someone’s home, and presented by a host who does not profit from the event. People typically host house concerts to create a special, memorable experience for their friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers.

Each house concert is a collaboration between an artist, a host/presenter, and their friends and supporters.
What will yours be like?

“I wanted my birthday party to be “one to remember.” Hosting a house concert with Chris Chickering was the“perfect fit” – his music and presence (and lighting) created an amazing atmosphere and experience. “One of the best birthday parties ever!” “It was transformational” and “Wow, they were singing about my life, my thoughts, my path” were some of the enthusiastic comments friends shared. It also really helped that Chris was so organized with clear guidelines on how to set up the concert. What a fabulous experience! Thank you so much!”
– Gillian C.

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the House Concert last night. I loved the heartfelt authentic nature of your songs and the whole performance. The setting, view, company – everything was an ideal complement to your music, making an exceptional evening – an almost surreal quality.”
– Danna L.

Keys to By-Donation House Concert Success: (How it Works)

** By-Donation Only House Concerts are invitation-only events held in someone’s home or place of business, presented by a host who does not profit from the event.

** In order for the House-Concert by-donation model to be financially viable, there needs to be a minimum of 35 people in attendance. Typically, in order to get 35 to attend, the host (you) would need to invite a minimum of 70 people. (Statistically 1/2 of those invited, attend.)

** When inviting guests (via email, mail, or in person) it is important to indicate that the house concert is a “by-donation-only” event.

** A specific donation amount should never be mentioned. Never suggesting a specific donation amount helps ensure guests will feel comfortable donating whatever they like.

** As seating will be limited, the host should always ask people to RSVP. — We will give you good language to use to properly invite people.

** Tell everyone it’s a “House Concert” not a “house party.” 🙂

** Always let people know the event schedule when inviting guests. This will help guests plan, which is especially important when babysitters are involved.


House Concert Schedule:

** Our House Concert schedule is tried and true and should be followed closely. It’s wonderful because it blends time for socialization (before and after the concert) with a unique entertainment experience that allows your guests to get up close and personal with the artist. Further, the entire experience, including socialization and the concert, can last just two hours. (or less if someone shows up later for the pre-concert socialization hour). At a high level, the concert will last a little over an hour. Regardless of what time the concert starts, guests should arrive one hour prior to the concert and musicians will arrive one hour prior to guests to set up the PA and lighting. At your discretion, guests can be invited to hang out after the show as well.

Example of a typical Evening House Concert schedule:

6:00 PM – Musicians arrive to set up the gear and get situated.

7:00 PM – Guests are directed to arrive at this time. (to socialize, eat food, etc.)

7:55 PM – 5-Minute show countdown notification. Guests are given a 5-minute warning that the show is about to start. At this time guests are advised to use the bathroom if necessary and directed to find a seat in the concert room. They are also given a handbill/concert program that includes musicians’ bios and where to find Chris online

8-9 PM – House Concert
(All lights except for stage lighting are dimmed for the duration of the concert.)

9 PM – Donation request:
** As the last note of the concert is ringing in the air, the host (you) comes up, stands next to Chris, and reminds guests that the House Concert is a donation-based event and encourages them to make a donation to show their appreciation for the show. — We will give you a 3×5 card with good language to use and coach you through it ahead of time. (This is the most important part of the concert from a monetization / financial viability standpoint.)

** There will be a donation bucket on stage, so guests will know where they can make their donation.

Immediately after the show & “donation-request”…
The musicians will walk off stage and to the CD / Merch table. Leaving the stage and going to the CD/Merch table immediately after the host encourages a donation, takes the pressure off the audience to donate. Once again there is no “suggested” donation amount. People should feel comfortable to donate whatever they want.

Important House Concert Details:
** Chris will bring a “small-footprint” PA and Lighting System that will look and sound amazing in your space.

** The “concert area” should ideally be separate from where people will be socializing before and perhaps after the concert. (There are times when due to space limitations the concert is held in the same room as the socializing. We can discuss how to best handle this.)

** Every person watching the concert should be in a seat. (or on a cushion or on the grass, etc if outside.) All seats should be positioned right next to one another, with not much space in between, facing the stage for the duration of the concert. No table seating. Think theater-style seating. Foldout chairs, benches, fabric-covered chairs, and couches are all good seating choices, as are blankets or pillows on the floor.

** Lights should be dimmed except for the stage lighting which Chris will bring.

** There is a strict schedule at a house concert. Musicians show up an hour before guests. If the concert starts at 8, guests should arrive at 7 (an hour before the show) and the musicians arrive at 6.

** There is always a 5-minute warning, to alert guests that the show is about to start.

** The house concert lasts around one hour, then afterward, guests can hang out as long as the host desires.

** Chris can perform solo, as a duet, trio, or full band.

** Successful house concerts can be held indoors or outdoors, and scheduled for any time of day or night, or day of the week, not just on weekends.

** If you would like to host a House Concert but would prefer paying directly for the performance, as opposed to the “by-donation-only” model, please call to discuss.


“The house concert with Chris Chickering was a roaring success, a world class presentation which was very moving. Several people afterwards wished for hours more of it, and one asked, “Could we do this every 6 weeks or so?!”
– Christopher M.

“Thank you Drue and John for being such wonderful hosts and sharing the gift of Chris’ uplifting, soulful music with us all. So much loving energy between dear friends and the way the lyrics touched my heart.”
– Alex W.

“Such a fun time. Thanks for getting us all together for phenomenal and inspiring music and a chance to enjoy wonderful company!”
– Kitty J.

To learn more and get the ball rolling, please call 505-670-0712 or email us at: Hello@ChrisChickering.com