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If you are hosting an event related to personal growth, wellness, healing, empowerment, psychology, entrepreneurship, or raising awareness about a cause, and want to add an inspirational component, that perfectly synergizes with your event, let’s connect. 🙂

Not only do I speak and deliver live musical performances (as a soloist or with a full band), I also deliver “keynote concerts,” which blend original, inspirational music and sleight-of-hand magic with motivational storytelling. My presentations last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour or more. I’m also available for 3-hour breakout sessions and 1 day workshops. Looking forward to connecting and discovering what’s best for you.

Topics Chris Will DAZZLE your Audience With Include:


“Embracing The Creative Genius Within”

Working with musicians from bands like The Eagles,  James Taylor and Bob Seger, Chris Chickering has released six albums in the past six years, and in the process breaking through a deep-seated, life-long belief that writing, even a single song, was impossible…An amazing presentation for those who feel stuck or disempowered in any way.


“The Worst 24 Hours of my Life, a Lesson in Gratitude”

Chris reveals, in excruciating, hilarious detail, the “gift” of being unexpectedly thrown in jail overnight for an unpaid parking ticket, and the valuable lessons he took away from this harrowing experience.
This presentation leaves listeners grateful for everything in their lives, including their problems.


“Cracking the Joint Venture Code”

Chris reveals how, working from home, with no business cards or website, and without ever “closing,” he secured tens of millions in additional revenues for some of the world’s most renowned speakers, authors and content creators, through joint venture partnerships and strategic alliances. Topics covered include:


“Living Rich at 50% off”

A favorite of Robert Kyosaki and Dave Ramsey fans. In this presentation Chris reveals 50 simple effective strategies for reducing your expenses while increasing the quality of your lifestyle.

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