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Close-Up Magic

Chris Chickering’s remarkable resumé straddles the worlds of business, entertainment and personal development. He is a licensed psychotherapist, award-winning musician and successful entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to helping people live authentic, joy-filled lives through coaching, training, empowering music and inspirational speaking.

As a sleight-of-hand magician, Chris Chickering has intrigued and entertained audiences across North America, Europe and Russia for the past 25 years. Born in New York City and raised in San Francisco, Chris is proud to bring his “New York-Style Close-Up Magic Show” and “Close up Magic Workshop” to audiences and aspiring close-up magicians worldwide.


This one-of-a-kind workshop will leave your friends and family speechless, because you’ll be learning some incredible close-up, sleight-of-hand magic, that you can do virtually anywhere, anytime, with everyday objects like cards, coins, and rubber bands. — and you will even learn how to levitate!

What to expect: Chris will perform a trick, reveal the secret method, and then you will have the opportunity to practice the trick with Chris’ coaching and guidance. This is an interactional, instructive workshop. No experience necessary. Inquire about booking here.


Whether organizing an intimate gathering for family and friends or planning a black-tie corporate holiday celebration, you need to consider one of the hottest new trends in live entertainment. It’s called New York-Style Close-Up Magic.

New York-Style Close-Up Magic is a extremely entertaining performance style, widely popular in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York – specifically suited to captivating the attention of a highly sophisticated clientele. “New York Style Close-Up Magic,” is pure fun and entertainment that blends, amazing close-up magic, quick wit and big-city style. Inquire about booking here.


“We were spellbound by Chris’ performance.”
- Wynonna Judd, Musical artist, celebrity
“Chris Chickering synergizes sleight of hand with sophisticated banter. The results are routines compressed with energy that explode with entertainment.”
- Kevin King, world-renowned magician

Workshop Testimonials

"Chris was absolutely amazing! He was funny, relatable and very skilled. Let’s do this all the time!"
- Laika P.
“Fun and engaging presenter! I loved learning the rubber band trick!”
- Steve J.
“Chris was absolutely enchanting. Very entertaining! Also, wow…I’ve never felt an hour go by so fast. Thank you!”
- Cathy C.
“Awesome and will always come back when I can. Way cool workshop. Magical.”
- Katie J.
"Chris is a wonderful instructor. Awesome program.”
- Ross B.
“Chris is entertaining, careful to teach and support individually, and made everyone comfortable.”
- Lyne L.
“Wonderful workshop. Thoroughly enjoyed what I learned from Chris! 10 out of 10!”
- Larry T.
“Great Class. Really interesting and fun. 10, 10, 10.”
- Fernando W.
“We loved the workshop. It makes us excited to learn more. Fun,. Funny. Magic.”
- Claire B.
“Such a great time! Learned tricks I can actually do! Fun for any group of all ages!”
- Ailsa A.
“Learning misdirection is really helpful for everything, not only card tricks.”
- Eddie, J.
“Thanks a lot Chris. This was an amazing workshop. Loved learning the principles of sleight of hand magic. It was really fun.”
- Tim B.
“Wonderful class, learned a lot, would love to come back and learn some more. 5 star rating!”
- Sara W.

“Magic is a natural extension of my love of people and performing. I’ve had the privilege of entertaining audiences of all sizes, in a wide variety of settings and venues in the United States, South America, Europe and Russia, and have had the privilege of performing at conventions and corporate functions, as a magic-bartender, at private parties and events.

I love close-up magic for the way it instantly transports us all to a place where life’s day-to-day realities don’t exist. It’s a place of joy, laughter and wonder, and it’s a place we go together.”