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Living in the Now

Chris Chickering’s 2nd studio album, “Living in the Now,” features 14 new, original tracks, and showcases stellar musicians who play for bands and artists you probably know. No matter who you are or where you are on your life’s journey, Chris’ universal songs are guaranteed to speak to you as if you are the only one listening.

“It was easy to find lots of songs to play off this terrific release. Chris has musical vision and has created a unique and unified album.” (“Living in the Now”)
– Ira Gordon, Program Director, 98.1 Radio Free Santa Fe, NM

Living In The Now offers listeners in music and songwriting what sages and mystics were carving in stone and have been writing about for eons; essential messages of awakening. Chris is tuned into what we need now, with universal lyrics of empowerment, backed by a studio band that is powerful and tight in all of the compositions.”
– Alan Hutner, Host and Co-producer of Transitions Radio Magazine

“I recommend Chris Chickering’s music as an instrumental part of the healing process. His beautiful, soothing voice and uplifting lyrics will be an inspiration and comfort for those in recovery.”
– Margie Ahern, M.Ed., Mindfulness Rational Therapist

“If you’re sick of all the popular music out there that focuses on things like sadness, anger, suicide, abusive relationships, drug addiction and meaningless sexual relations, you’ll find singer-songwriter Chris Chickering’s album Living in the Now to be a welcome change…Even those listeners who don’t pay a great deal of attention to lyrics will have their spirits raised by this album, as the sound on its own is enough to generate an atmosphere of happiness.”
– The Mindful Word Magazine

All words and music by Chris Chickering (Chris Chickering Music, BMI) and Greg Barnhill (Gatorized Music, SESAC). All rights reserved. © Chris Chickering Music, LLC

1. “Time of Truth” (2:46)
2. “This or Something Better” (4:15)
3. “The Revolution” (4:15)
4. “Getting Past The Past” (4:38)
5. “Light of Day” (4:45)
6. “Living In The Now” (5:49)
7. “Our Story” (4:59)
8. “Lovesick Fool” (4:05)
9. “I Believe In You” (5:07)
10. “Pain-body” (3:15)
11. “Gratitude” (2:57)
12. “Run Blindly and Stupidly to Love” (5:17)
13. “Won’t Stop Tryin'” (3:47)
14. “You Got The Power” (4:23)

Produced by: Greg Barnhill
Engineered by: Mills Logan
Mixed and mastered by: Mills Logan
Project manager: Leigh Brannon
Album sequenced by: Leigh Brannon
Photography: Chuck Arlund
Art direction: DJ Teeslink
Executive Producer: Chris Chickering

Greg Barnhill – Acoustic Guitar & Background Vocals
Chris Chickering – Lead Vocals
Mike Durham – Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Austin Hoke – Cello
Jim Hoke – Harmonica
Joanna Janet – Background Vocals
Vail Johnson – Bass
Pat McGrath – Acoustic Guitar
Paul Shoelton – Drums
Jimmy Wallace – Keys

Recorded at:
QUAD Sound Studios in Nashville, TN
Mills Logan Sound Studios in Nashville, TN

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