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Chris Chickering’s experiential, personal growth-based live performances blend inspirational music and guided meditation with storytelling and sleight-of-hand magic.

Chris is passionate about the ‘convergence’ of different expressive art forms and how these forms can be merged into entertainment that uplifts and inspires.

Chris Chickering is an ideal entertainment choice for any in-person or web-based (Zoom, etc.) event, live, where good vibes abide. Events related to personal growth, wellness, healing, empowerment, psychology, spirituality, entrepreneurship, or raising awareness about an important cause are a particularly good fit.

Ways Chris Chickering can create special moments at your next event include…

Keynote Concerts

Chris’ signature “keynote concert,” is a transformative multimedia experience that blends inspirational music and guided meditation with motivational storytelling and sleight-of-hand magic. Chris will work with you to help design and incorporate your mission, themes, objectives, and vision into this one-of-a-kind performance they’ll remember for years to come.


Working with Emmy-winning, Grammy-nominated co-writer/producer Greg Barnhill (Tim McGraw, Trisha Yearwood, Chicago), and musicians from The Eagles, Bob Seger, and Keith Urban, Chris Chickering has released six studio albums since 2012. Chris’ music has been licensed for use by Deepak Chopra and he has opened for Michael Franti & Spearhead at the Santa Fe Yoga Festival. Listen.


Topics Chris will dazzle your audience with include: “Embracing The Creative Genius Within,” “Spiritual Guy in an Orange Jumpsuit,” “Drug-Addict Decathlete,” “When Today’s Dream Becomes Tomorrow’s Nightmare,” “Magic and Mastery” and “Living Rich at 50% Off.”


Chris has been performing sleight of hand magic for the past 25 years. Much like the perfect spice on your favorite meal, Chris often mixes sleight-of-hand magic into “keynote concerts,” speeches, trainings and workshops to create special moments.

Chris Chickering regularly performs at conferences, seminars, corporate trainings, places of worship, retreats, panels, colleges & high schools, festivals, and private events. His performances can last anywhere from 5-10 minutes to 1 hour or more. He is also available for 3-hour breakout sessions and 1 day workshops.



“Chris Chickering’s “keynote concert” is an amazing, transformative experience – one your audience will cherish for years to come.”
– Bill O’Hanlon, Oprah-featured author of 39 books

“Chris Chickering was magic today… literally…Not only did we hear and discuss “When You’re Gone” off his 2014 album “The Resurrection of Me,” he finished his gig with a mystifying magic card trick. Thanks, Chris, for some great teaching and an uplifting session!”
– Malcolm Gauld, Headmaster, Hyde School

“Thanks for the wonderful musical addition to my Zoom gatherings! You are masterfully entertaining and poignant at the same time!”
– Paul Scheele, Ph.D., Internationally Recognized Authority on Leadership and Change

“Chris Chickering is a powerful and engaging entertainer and performer, and a total blast to work with. Virtually all his workshop and presentation ratings average 5-stars across the board.”
– Craig McAdams, Learning Center Manager, Meow Wolf

“Chris Chickering’s music can change your life in so many positive ways.”
– Bob Proctor, Best-selling Author and Star of The Secret

“We were spellbound by Chris’ show.”
– Wynonna Judd, Musical artist, celebrity

“Chris Chickering and his band opened up for Michael Franti & Spearhead and raised the vibration of the Santa Fe Yoga Festival ten-fold. Chris’ amazing songs and performance were the perfect complement to our event both on the main stage and during yoga classes. I highly recommend Chris to any organization promoting higher consciousness.”
– Kurt Young, Founder, The Santa Fe Yoga Festival

“Chris Chickering synergizes sleight of hand with sophisticated banter. The results are routines compressed with energy that explode with entertainment.”
– Kevin King, world-renowned magician

“I highly recommend him to you.”
– Jack Canfield, NY Times Bestselling Author