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Elevating your Speaker Driven Events…

It’s no secret that the music can elevate any speaker-driven event, but did you know it can also help increase your sales? Our “Event Soundtrack” service, can provide the perfect solution to creating an emotional bond with attendees before, during and long after your event has ended…

Event Soundtrack Service:

Pre-Event: Getting people to attend your event, depends in large part on your ability to create a strong emotional bond with them. Working together, we can cherry-pick songs from our library for you to share, or even give-away, as part of your pre-event communication. This can be equally effective in both getting people to sign up, and for getting attendees even more excited about what’s to come.

You can, for example, have songs playing during pre-event webinars or giveaway songs in the weeks leading up to your special occasion via email.

During the Event: We can customize an event soundtrack, which includes both live performance and prerecorded songs, to bring the energy up (coming out of breaks and lunch, etc), synergize with your event content and deeply connect with your audience.

Another at-event possibility is to have a live concert, or mini-concert(s). Whatever we create, the focus will be on maximizing the emotional impact of your experience.

Post-Event: giving a custom event soundtrack is a phenomenal way to continue that emotional engagement, and leave them with a smile on their face in the days, weeks and months after your event, thus increasing your chances of additional sales and referrals. We can create a custom event mix, so you can give each event participant an album that includes the entire event soundtrack. NOTE: At least 4 weeks lead-time is needed to manufacture custom-event soundtracks.

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