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“The Resurrection of Me” — Available NOW!

—“The Resurrection of Me” is available now! This album features 10 new, original songs that integrate empowering lyrics with folk, rock and world music influences. (Downloads also on on iTunes, Amazon & CDBaby…Physical CDs also on Amazon and CDBaby)

To listen to full song previews and purchase visit the store HERE.

1. When You’re Gone
2. Do It Now
3. Home Is Where The Heart Is
4. Place In This World
5. Finding Out
6. Make Your Happiness
7. The Resurrection of Me
8. Freedom Lies Within
9. Vibration
10. Shadow of Doubt

All songs written by: Chris Chickering (Chris Chickering Music, BMI) and Greg Barnhill (Easyana Music & Gatorized Music, SESAC)
Executive Producer: Chris Chickering
Producer: Greg Barnhill
Engineering, Programming and Mixing: Greg Bieck
Mastering: Mike Purcell

Here’s what people are saying!

Make Your Happiness
“The roughness in Chris Chickering’s voice makes this song spectacular. This is the perfect song to listen to when you’re feeling sorry for yourself.”
“Chris Chickering’s music conveys such an honest, positive message, with lyrics that are very universally appealing.”
“Make Your Happiness would make a great soundtrack of a movie. The uplifting , heart-warming feel of this song is contagious.”
“Chris Chickering’s music is wholesome and should be appreciated by parents. This music relays important lessons about life. It’s positive and conveys message of hope.”
“The lyrics are amazing and very uplifting, I can for some reason hear the sun in my mind saying, think of the positive.”
“I would like my children to hear this song because of the uplifting message behind the music. It is, in a way, like a life lesson about helping others, being happy, helping yourself and making the best out of everything.”

Do It Now
“The lyrics give you a sense of hope and pride for who you are. The instrumentation really moves through our blood making you feel great. I am a huge fan of Chris Chickering’s music…It has a lot of potential to heal people and should be put out on the radio”
“”Do It Now” is a motivational song that is purely there to help. A listener would be hard pressed to not be encouraged by the lyrics of the song.”
“Do It Now sounds incredible. Chris Chickering’s music sometimes reminds me of some of Justin Timberlake’s work. Chris Chickering is a great artist”
“Listeners won’t have to work too hard to know that this song is an instant classic and could be played on all light rock stations – to help people live their daily lives. This song creates a happy place for all those who need a smile.”
“A GREAT road song – outstanding, powerful vocals to say the least. I would love to see Chris Chickering become big.”

The Resurrection of Me
“Great message for this motivational reggae song. It teaches you that nothing is over that you don’t want to be about yourself. ‘This is gonna be the resurrection of me’, yeah!’ – I would love to hear this song on the radio.”
“Love the lyrics. Metaphors solid. “Sucker punched by the fist of light” genius. This song has great potential.”
“Chris Chickering has really powerful and great voiceI like the lyrics as well, the words are meaningful.”

Place in This World
“Chris Chickering has an incredible “Springsteen” rasp-quality to his voice and it really brought me back. a reminder of what great music is supposed to sound like!”
“’Place In This World’ has the feel of John Mellencamp, it belongs in a movie, probably being played during a montage about travelling. Or maybe a scene in a good old bar with friends playing pool.”
“Love love love this!!!!!!!! Catchy as heck! It reminds me of Bon Jovi , but a more chilled out version whose in cowboy boots !!!”

When You’re Gone
“This song powerful and beautiful. Chris Chickering’s voice has a rasp to it that is hard to find and pure talent you can’t fake or make up. I look forward to seeing this band at a music festival.”
“Awesome! Reminds me of Rob Thomas with a more folk sound. Lyrics were powerful and demand attention.”
“Chris Chickering reminds me of Phillip Phillips, Lee Dewyze or The Lumineers. “When You’re Gone” could easily be a hit with catchy lyrics a lot of people can relate to regardless of age.”
“I think this song can make a big difference In this world. It has a great chorus and sounds perfect for radio or a music video. It’s one I won’t forget.”

Shadow of Doubt
“If you are looking for a Neil Diamond sound, look no further than Chris Chickering. He has re-written the chapters of where good music left off years ago. Many artists have tried to copy this throwback style but they never sounded this good. I would love to hear Chris Chickering on the radio.”
“I love Chris Chickering’s velvety voice…”Shadow of Doubt” makes me think of the flower children era and could see it as being a popular radio replay.”
“””Shadow of Doubt” made me want to head down to the countryside and play a harmonica for the rest of my life. This song took me to a special place, where I could be free from the shackles of a normal routine.”
“Chris Chickering has a . . . I don’t know, a quality to his voice that just draws you in and makes you want to keep listening.”
“A song that conveys a message, excellent. I’ve regained some faith in modern music because of this piece, no kidding. — The lyrics gave clear the message they were trying to convey; to keep on going no matter what obstacles you face.”
“This song is one to remember. Uplifting lyrics that tell a story with a deep, soft, sweet-sounding melody.”
“This song will resonate with a lot of listeners because it’s a universal topic that just about anyone can relate to.”
“Reminds you that no matter how bad it gets, it’s always gets better and to stay positive.”

“You know when a song comes along and it gives you the feeling that there’s hope that inspires another person in the world? ”Vibration” does just that.”
“I feel emotions of joy when I hear Chris Chickering’s wonderful self esteem music.”
“I absolutely adore how original the song lyrics are! The story line would make a great music video. Please don’t change your vibration!”
“I LOVE the words & the fact that my daughter could listen to this song without me being concerned with content. Very positive message. Makes me want to “change my vibration” and let “love set me free”.”

Home Is Where The Heart Is
“Fully enjoyed the hook – “home is where the heart is – aw, hell i should’ve known this” perfect rendition of the phrase – ‘the grass ain’t always greener on the other side‘. Chris Chickering’s salty vocal with true rough grit tells more of a story than any lyric ever could – like ryan adams or The Lumineers. This song is a hit, hands down.”
“Very family friendly. Nice empowering strong and uplifting lyrics.”
“You could listen to the instruments alone and the vibe would lift your spirits. This song could be used on any tv show or in movies for a happy up lifting scene.”
“People who listen to The Lumineers, American Authors, Imagine Dragons, or Mumford and Sons would love this song!”
“This song is great musically and it is GENIUS lyrically. Why do bands not write songs like this anymore? If I had the ability I would rate this 30 out of 10.”
“The song carries a rhythm that just grabs you and makes you want to learn the guitar or how to dance.”
“Chris Chickering’s music should sell well because of its positive theme and killer, unique vocals.”

Finding Out
“If you want a sweet, romantic song, ”Finding Out” is the song for you .”
“”Finding Out” shows emotion and real poetic sentiment. The lyrics stick in your mind. – a beautiful, romantic track.”
“”Finding Out” is the ideal wedding song!”
“I connect with the lyrics on an emotional level, and even got goosebumps a couple of times! The dynamics are perfect, and the writing is amazing.”

Freedom Lies Within
“The lyrics were super meaningful & imaginative. ‘Freedom Lies Within” is really inspiring and makes me think a lot.”
“Reminiscent of the Beatles, Rubber Soul era in terms of combining Indian and Western styles.”
“The lyrical content contains a positive message, is enjoyable, and could be inspiring to many people.”
“This song is great for a recovery group, to help people look into themselves for happiness and strength.”
“I was in a trance when Chris Chickering started singing. The intro has the perfect hook. I could listen to music like this on repeat for hours on end.”

To listen to full song previews and purchase visit the store HERE.

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