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Private Concerts with Chris Chickering


Hosting a private concert with Chris Chickering is a special way to bring everyone together and create memories your guests will remember for years to come.

Here’s how it works — You host a space for your private concert, invite your family and friends, and Chris shows up with his guitar.

• This is Chris unplugged which is up-close, intimate & personal, plus you’ll hear the stories behind the songs, and hang out with Chris after the concert.

• Chris will bring lighting. 

• If you want Chris to play with a full-band, trio or duo, we can discuss. 

To get the ball rolling on your house concert or house party please call 505-982-1000 or email: Hello@ChrisChickering.com


“This past weekend we hosted a private concert with singer/songwriter Chris Chickering. It was a delightful evening beginning with a wine & cheese social hour followed by the private concert.

“The guests raved about the quality of the privae concert calling it “enchanting”, “fun”, “inspirational” & “awesome”…”Chris’ original lyrics are so heartfelt.”

It was remarkable to experience such wonderful talent right in our own living room! Chris is not only professional but is also sweet, kind & fun so the entire evening felt like a lovely group of old friends enjoying each other’s company & gifts.”
– Drue Anderson

“I had the great pleasure of having Chris play a Private Concert in my home recently. It was the perfect addition to a festive night filled with dancing.”
– Sara McKenzie

“I wanted my private concert to be “one to remember.” Hosting one with Chris Chickering was the “perfect fit” – his music and presence (and lighting) created an amazing atmosphere and experience. “One of the best experiences ever!” “It was transformational” and “Wow, Chris was singing about my life, my thoughts, my path” were some of the enthusiastic comments friends shared. It also really helped that Chris was so organized with clear guidelines on how to set up the concert. What a fabulous experience! Thank you so much!”
– Gillian Corcoran

“The private concert with Chris Chickering was a roaring success, a world class presentation which was very moving. Several people afterwards wished for hours more of it, and one asked, “Could we do this every 6 weeks or so?!”
– Christopher Murphy

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