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Places of Worship

Chris Chickering is a singer-songwriter, recording artist, musician, bestselling author, and social entrepreneur whose musical mission is to write and perform songs that uplift, unite, and inspire. His passion for personal growth inspired him to write songs that speak to the core of the human condition.

To listen to Chris’ Places of Worship Playlist, click HERE.
(All of these songs (and many more) have been played live at Places of Worship…Songs can be performed as a soloist, duet, or with your house band.) 

If you’re interested in having Chris at your next service, as a speaker, musician, workshop leader, or for any other reason, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page or email hello@chrischickeringmusic.com

“I and our Unity Santa Fe community have been blessed by Chris Chickering’s music on a number of occasions and many of us have experienced his talent at house concerts and other venues as well. I am always touched by the positive and practical spirituality of his lyrics which uplift and inspire. I admire that he has done such a wonderful job weaving together his counseling skills, spirituality and musical talent!”
– Rev Brendalyn Batchelor, Senior Minister Unity Santa Fe

“Chris Chickering is a recording artist who demonstrates true commitment to creating positive change in the world through his art. Chris’s music has received two nominations and an honorable mention for song-of-the-year in the emPower Music & Arts Positive Music Awards. As a singer and performer, his live performances at the event have always been very well received.  His message-driven songs empower and unite while raising consciousness around issues related to self–awareness, social justice, authenticity, and integrity.”
– Richard Mekdeci, Co-Founder, emPower Music & Arts

“Chris Chickering is one of our favorite guest performers. His heart-opening, original songs and live performance are amazing and perfectly address themes related spiritual awakening and transformation.”
– Todd Lowry, Music Director, Unity Spiritual Center, Albuquerque, NM

Chris Chickering’s songs will speak to anyone on a spiritual path.”
– Elevated Existence Magazine

“Chris Chickering has performed at the Center as a guest musician many times over the past few years, and have had the pleasure of watching Chris grow from a highly talented singer/songwriter/guitarist to a well-rounded musician who has become one of the congregation’s favorite performers. He works with other musicians with ease and grace, always keeping to the highest musical standards and the ability to profoundly connect with the congregation.”
– Kelvin McNeal, Music Director, Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living

“It is always a special experience to have Chris Chickering play his music at The Celebration. He is not only a gifted singer and guitarist, but his music carries an uplifting, energizing, and unifying message. Chris has also been our guest speaker, sharing his personal experiences with humor and humility, interlaced with the hard-won lesson that we create our life path by choosing how we think and respond.”
– Virginia Gilstrap, Music Coordinator at The Celebration, Santa Fe, NM

“Chris Chickering has been a guest musician and played our Center a half dozen times or so now, and I don’t remember a time when he didn’t get a standing ovation.  With his powerful voice and inspiring songs he always makes a deep connection with our community.”
– Paul Dillon Music Director, Everyday Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Fe, NM

“I have had the privilege of hearing Chris Chickering perform live at Unity Santa Fe and at a house concert, and enjoy listening to his music on CD whenever I need a lift. Chris’ music is the perfect melding of words, melody and rhythm to create an experience that moves your body, opens your heart and lifts your spirit. His lyrics speak to me about where I’ve been, who I truly am, and visions of what is possible when people unite in love, peace and joy to make a better world. Chris is a charismatic performer who teaches great spiritual truths through the medium of music.”
– Catherine Donavon, Choir Director Unity Santa Fe