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Forgive Me won Honorable Mention at Posi Music Awards

Chris Chickering’s song: Forgive Me won honorable mention at Posi Music Awards. To listen to Forgive Me

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Nia & Sacred Dance Music

If you are a Nia instructor or Sacred Dance facilitator we look forward to connecting with you! Chris’ uplifting lyrics and intention to empower and unite people through music is a perfect compliment to any Nia or Sacred Dance experience.

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Yoga Class & Wellness Event Music

Headlining the Santa Fe Yoga Festival, opening for Micheal Franti & Spearhead and having supported many yoga classes through live performance are all indicators that Chris Chickering is a great fit for your next yoga or wellness related event, festival…

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Film Placement! “A Little More Heaven Falls Down”

Film Placement! — “A Little More Heaven Falls Down” (ALBUM: Regeneration [2015]) will get it’s big-screen debut in the upcoming iiFILMs release “Miles Between Us” — kicking off at the Twin Cities Film Festival on Sunday, October 23rd…

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“SHINE” Winner! Best Rock/Singer-Songwriter Album of the Month!

A sincere thank you goes out to The Akademia Music Awards for awarding “Shine” as Best Rock/Singer-Songwriter Album of the Month!

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house concerts

House Concerts and House Parties with Chris Chickering

Hosting a House Concert or House Party with Chris Chickering is a special experience your guests will remember for years to come. This page explains how you can host either. 

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LIVE Update: Winter in Tulum, Mexico

Sometimes it’s good to jump into a whole new reality…

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“Music for Positive Change” Listening Station

Do you own or operate a wellness-focused retail location – including yoga studio, gym, spa, or resort gift shop – that caters to clientele passionate about health, personal growth or self-actualization? If so, please call 505-982-1000 or email Hello@ChrisChickering.com to…

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“Regeneration” nominated: TOP 20 CONSCIOUS MUSIC ALBUMS of 2015

“Regeneration” was just nominated as one of the TOP 20 CONSCIOUS MUSIC ALBUMS of 2015 by SoulTraveller Radio.

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A Big Moment: Listening Station & “Regeneration”

Friends: With so much noise in our lives these days, I don’t often share too many details of my own personal and professional life. But this is a big occasion for me.

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