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11 New Songs!

I just got back from Nashville on a very productive writing trip with my amazing co-writer Greg Barnhill, and am revealing the names of 11 new songs…All are contenders for the upcoming album.

I flew to Nashville on March 30th for 4 days of writing with my co-writer Greg Barnhill and cranked out 11 new tracks for the new album. As per Living in the Now we are going “overwrite” probably get around 35-37 tracks and cherry pick but don’t be surprised if A LOT of these tracks makes the next album.

Here they are!

1. Make Your Happiness
2. Do it Now
3. The Resurrection of Me
4. Finding Out
5. The Imposter
6. Forgive Me
7. When You’re Gone
8. Shadow of Doubt
9. Turnin’ Around
10. Someday I Will Surrender to You
11. A Place in this World Tonight

Coming to live shows soon:)


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