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    12 New Songs – Nashville

    March 21, 2018

    Chris Chickering and Greg Barnhill just wrote 12 new songs to gear up for Chris’ 7th studio album which is coming fall of 2018! Summer production dates getting locked in now. New song titles include

    1. Sacred Stone
    —- About our forgotten connection to the earth. Mystical with a native flair.

    2. Travel On
    — A song to turn up loud for the road.

    3. Alright Tonight
    — Kinetic energy. Starts chill, and eventually soars with a punch.

    4. On Fire
    — An anthem to anyone wanting live a life of passion and purpose.

    5. Dreamer Man
    —- An anthem for the self-made man. Dreamer Man rocks.

    6. A Friend Like You
    — A beautiful ballad about appreciation and true friendship.

    7. Better Now
    — A song of hope and self-redemption.

    8. Hands Together
    — Hand clapping, foot stomping song about making things better:)

    9. I’m Alright With Me
    — A slow bluesy tune about self-acceptance, and going for what you really want.

    10. Something About Her
    — Yes all of our albums have one, you guessed it: a love song. 🙂

    11. Learn How To Love Yourself
    — A soaring ballad about self-love.

    12. When You Fall
    — A hypnotic ballad about being there for someone forever.

    Stay tuned for more!

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